Give hope.

For today and tomorrow.


By giving to Lights of Hope, you enable St. Paul’s Foundation to meet the greatest needs of our patients and residents at Providence.


The past 18 months have highlighted more than ever the importance of health care. Your donations will help support our health care heroes, funding urgently needed equipment, life-saving research, community programs, and other essential patient and resident services that would otherwise not be funded through traditional channels.


Please give online, over the phone, or donate via our Living Light installation at the front of St. Paul’s Hospital starting November 18.



  • Since 1998, we have recognized donors to Lights of Hope and inspired the community to show their support through a spectacular display of lights on St. Paul’s Hospital.

  • Today, Lights of Hope is a holiday tradition that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to St. Paul’s to see the display.

  • The display is built by hundreds of volunteers using donated materials – including 10 kilometres of lights!

  • According to BC Hydro, despite its size and scope, Lights of Hope uses very little energy.

  • A big part of this energy efficiency is the use of LED bulbs, which account for 60% of the lights.

  • To operate the full display results in an energy bill of just $65 each night.

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