Where there is light there is hope.

Donors to St. Paul’s Foundation have an impact on every patient, resident, visitor and department and support the work of St. Paul’s Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, St. Michael’s Centre, St. Vincent’s: Brock Fahrni, St. Vincent’s: Honoria Conway-Heather, St. Vincent’s: Langara, and Youville Residence.

Your donations help make it possible to save lives…to provide warm clothing to patients in need…to fund research initiatives that change the way we diagnose and treat disease.

Any gift you can give will make a difference.

Thank you for giving hope to our patients, residents and their families.

Stories of hope

Paying Tribute to Loved Ones

Vida Balciunas spent many years as a psychiatric nurse at St. Paul’s. When her brother Danny died unexpectedly in 2017, she knew immediately that she wanted to honour him with a star in the Lights of Hope. Vida says Danny was a “shining star” in her life, and visiting his star was a tremendous source of comfort to her. Vida wants others to know that a star in the Lights of Hope is a meaningful way to remember a loved one and make a difference in the care and outreach St. Paul’s is known for.

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