Hope is a gift. It’s yours to give.

Where there is light there is hope. Lights of Hope is an annual fundraising campaign to support St. Paul’s greatest needs.

You hold the hope for thousands of patients and their families who rely on St. Paul’s for the best care possible.

Imagine the hope that you give to every patient who benefits from the incredible advances made possible by your donations to Lights of Hope.

Your donations make it possible to detect and stop heart disease before it’s too late . . .  to provide warm clothing to patients in need . . .to fund research initiatives that could save countless lives.

Any gift you can give will make a difference. Your donations help to bring comfort, support and hope to the thousands of British Columbians who rely on St. Paul’s for the best possible care.

Thank you for giving hope to our patients and their families.


Warmest Regards,


Dick Vollet
President and CEO
St. Paul’s Foundation

When you give to Lights of Hope

You support projects large and small, simple and complex. Here are a few examples of the work you make possible with your Lights of Hope donation.


graphic-1From the Maternity Centre…

Thank you

for our new breast milk fridge

When a baby’s first moments of life become a struggle, the St. Paul’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is here. When there was a sudden need on this highly specialized unit this year, you were there. You helped our devoted Mat Ward staff when their refrigeration units for storing expressed breast milk and donated breast milk needed to be replaced. Thanks to Lights of Hope donations like yours, St. Paul’s Foundation was able to meet this need and meet it quickly.


graphic-1 From the Immunodeficiency Clinic…

Thank you

for berries, bread, bison and elk

Emblematic of the culture of care and compassion at St. Paul’s, the All Nations Sacred Space is a special room in the Immunodeficiency Clinic where patients are able to practice traditional healing and purification ceremonies that bring cultural and spiritual elements to the care they receive. Your Lights of Hope gift helped to provide traditional foods for special gatherings such as healing circles, women’s support groups and healthy cooking classes.


graphic-1From the Teck Emergency Centre…

Thank you

for your vision and foresight

Physicians in the Teck Emergency Centre at St. Paul’s are able to treat severe eye injuries. In extreme cases, however, a patient must be taken to the ophthalmology clinic, on a different floor than Emergency. However, with a serious injury to the eye, time is of the essence to avoid permanent damage. Thanks to Lights of Hope donations, the Eye Room in the St. Paul’s Emergency Department has been refurbished with new equipment. Now an ophthalmologist can work out of this space, which saves precious time and, in some cases, precious vision.


graphic-1From the Department of Psychiatry…

Thank you

for helping us kick depression

Research continues to show that the effect of exercise is comparable to that of antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapy. To further explore such findings, Lights of Hope donations are funding an innovative “street soccer” therapy program for patients affected by mood disorders or mental health and addiction, many of whom live in shelters or on the streets. Thanks to your support, we may be able to help turn lives around by adding to the care mix some all-natural medications such as exercise, camaraderie and a sense of community.


graphic-1From the Inner City Youth Program…

Thank you

for breaking new ground—literally!

You helped finalize the transformation of an old building on Granville Street into the ultramodern Granville Youth Health Centre, flagship of St. Paul’s Inner City Youth Program, which provides primary and mental health care for vulnerable youth. The centre does away with drab, youth unfriendly décor and replaces it with exposed brick, bright colours, and art created by the young people the centre helps. The goal? To have young people want to be there—and want to be helped. Is it working? It is. During its first year of operation, the centre had 30 visits every day. That’s 7,800 visits in one year.


graphic-1From the Teck Emergency Centre…

Thank you

for walking the walk and talking the talk

Being a patient in an emergency department can be disorienting for anyone, but these feelings may be more acute for seniors. Clear lines of communication—and safe and sound mobility—help when navigating this sometimes extreme environment. Your Lights of Hope support provided “pocket talkers,” assisted communication devices that help older patients hear and be heard in challenging conditions, and two- and four-wheel walkers to ensure they get where they need to go—and safely. For your support, our geriatric team in Emergency salutes you!

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