Where there is light there is hope.

Donors to St. Paul’s Foundation have an impact on every patient, resident, visitor and department and support the work of St. Paul’s Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, St. Michael’s Centre, St. Vincent’s: Brock Fahrni, St. Vincent’s: Honoria Conway-Heather, St. Vincent’s: Langara, and Youville Residence.

Your donations help make it possible to save lives…to provide warm clothing to patients in need…to fund research initiatives that change the way we diagnose and treat disease.

Any gift you can give will make a difference.

Thank you for giving hope to our patients, residents and their families.

Stories of hope

A Music Therapy Story

Music therapy has been shown to alleviate anxiety and stress, isolation and boredom. In the health care setting, patients and residents benefit from the healing power of music in significant ways. “We approach a patient or resident and get to know who they are, where they are from and what genre of music they love,” explains music therapist Lucy Thomas. "And music therapy is effective across so many different areas. I spend time with palliative patients at St. Paul’s and the music therapy team also spends time at the PHC residential care homes and mental health units."

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Dennis’ Story

At this time of year, as the Lights of Hope display at St. Paul’s illuminates the night sky, stories of hope abound. One such story belongs to Dennis Josey, the recipient of a double lung transplant at St. Paul’s. As November is also Lung Month, it’s an even more fitting time to share his story. Dennis will always be thankful to St. Paul’s respirologist and head of Respiratory Medicine at Providence Health Care, Dr. Don Sin, who immediately placed Dennis on the wait list for a transplant, and physiotherapists Dr. Pat Camp and Shelly Heneghan, all of whom worked with Dennis to stabilize his health as he waited for his transplant.

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George’s Story

George Keulen will never forget this moment: “At 5:00AM, the call came. I would get a double lung transplant. It had been an 18-month wait. I had spent more than six of those months at St. Paul’s, too sick to be at home. Two of my nurses and a member of the team that took care of my I.V. had gathered at my door. They wanted to share this moment with me. One of them was crying. The other two had huge smiles on their faces. They were so happy for me. That one moment, shared with people who had helped me so much, represented my entire experience at St. Paul’s. This is what the people who work at St. Paul’s are like.”

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Foundry a beacon of hope for young people

When individuals and families are dealing with mental health or substance use issues, hope can seem far away. It isn’t. With half of all lifetime cases of mental health and substance use issues presenting by age 14, such a young age, we can feel powerless. We shouldn’t. So much has changed. So much darkness lifted, stigma removed, hope restored. And a beacon of hope for young people is Foundry, a province-wide St. Paul’s initiative. The brainchild of a small group of St. Paul’s psychiatrists, Foundry is modeled on the success of the Granville Youth Health Centre in Vancouver, a project of St. Paul’s Inner City Youth Program.

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Dr. Rita McCracken brings hope to elder patients

In honour of Family Doctor Week, we’re celebrating a family physician who brings hope to many, all year round, and at many different levels of care. Family physician Dr. Rita McCracken is a clinician, researcher, educator and administrator with Providence Health Care.

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Brittany’s Story

When 26-year-old Brittany Forrest went into cardiac arrest in April 2017, multiple teams at St. Paul's came together to save not one life, but two. Brittany and baby Jaxon survived, thanks to the expertise of St. Paul's staff and donors to St. Paul's Foundation’s Greatest Needs Fund whose generosity ensured the ECMO machine, purchased with donated dollars, was available at a time of desperate need.

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Dudes Club

Donors to the Greatest Needs Fund help support the Downtown Urban Knights Defending Equality and Solidarity (DUDES) Club. The club helps connect men living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) – especially those who have lost contact with the health-care system due to substance use – to health-care providers in a safe and trusting environment.

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