Community Celebration

Since 1998, St. Paul’s Foundation has illuminated the streets with a breathtaking display of Christmas lights in support of Lights of Hope, the annual fundraising campaign for the hospital’s greatest needs.

On November 24th, thousands of Vancouverites and tourists gathered around Burrard Street to experience the annual fireworks display at St. Paul’s in Downtown Vancouver.

Over 100,000 light bulbs, spanning a length of more than 10 kilometres sparkled in the night sky, feasted at the food trucks lining the street, and listened to the soaring voices of choirs singing Christmas carols.

If you missed the community celebration, you can still stargaze at St. Paul’s this year. The spectacular display is up until January 9th, shining every from dusk till dawn.

There’s also time to see your name in lights on the display, donate today!  


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