Every holiday season,
St. Paul’s Foundation invites the community to support St. Paul’s greatest needs through our Lights of Hope campaign.

Give now to make a real difference in the lives of our patients.

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How did they do that? Making of the Display

The annual Lights of Hope display takes six weeks to build by over 150 volunteers using donated materials. This 20 second time lapse shows the volunteers hard at work followed by our traditional fireworks show. The display features over 10km of lights, 100,000 bulbs and hundreds of sponsored stars and marks the beginning of the holiday season for many in our community. It is also our biggest fundraiser of the year and the patients at St. Paul’s appreciate your donation, large or small.

Every holiday season, we invite the community to support St. Paul's greatest needs through our Lights of Hope campaign. Greatest needs may be small things, like new pyjamas for patients, blankets and blood pressure monitors, but they are things that give comfort and support when it's needed most. And that means that even your smallest donation counts.

  • "My hope for St. Paul's is that [we] serve the community, care for the disadvantaged, and make sure that we relieve the suffering and pain of our patients, to give our patients more breath, more life."

    Dr. Don Sin,
    Head, Division of Respiratory Medicine
    Give Hope to Our Patients
  • "My hope is that we continue to be a great research-based hospital where the research contributes to patient care."

    Dr. James Hogg, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation Give Hope to Our Patients
  • "I love the people I work with and I love the culture of Providence Health Care. I give every year because I love this hospital and if I ever need to use it I know where to come."

    Peter Keyes, Administrative Assistant to the Mental Health Program Give Hope to Our Patients
  • "My hope is all the wonderful research we do here, particularly for heart lung innovation (but not limited to that), gets translated out of the bigger Vancouver and B.C. community. "

    Dr. Richa Anand, Grant Writer, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation Give Hope to Our Patients
  • "My hope is that people who donate to Lights of Hope know their money is going to a hospital where the staff truly are family and are treated like family. We are all one family, patients and staff. "

    Carrie Bancroft, Cardiology RN Give Hope to Our Patients
  • "My hope for St. Paul’s is that it will continue to have an active increasing role in the prevention and treatment of colon cancer."

    Dr. Jennifer Telford, Gastroenterologist, GI Clinic Give Hope to Our Patients
  • Since 1998, we have recognized donors to Lights of Hope and inspired the community to show their support through a spectacular display of lights on St. Paul’s Hospital.

  • Today, Lights of Hope is a holiday tradition that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to St. Paul’s to see the display.

  • The display is built by hundreds of volunteers using donated materials – including 10 kilometres of lights!

  • According to BC Hydro, despite its size and scope, Lights of Hope uses very little energy.

  • A big part of this energy efficiency is the use of LED bulbs, which account for 60% of the lights.

  • To operate the full display results in an energy bill of just $65 each night.

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